🦗 cricket thread - thank heavens that's over special. 🦗

Well very glad to have wrongly called it. Great come back and tense ending. The joys of 50 over county cricket

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Really chuffed for Leics. A county who have really been put through the grinder in recent years, & who regularly have their best young talent poached by the bigger counties. Genuinely delighted for them right now.

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tom scriven and harry swindells are very dickensian names


Ed Barnard bringing home the silverware for Warwickshire

Yep, they also do great initiatives to try and grow support which is a hard task given their position. Be interesting if this lifts them to try and make a final push for promotion, as whilst Worcester have the points lead they’re away at Durham so think it’s wide open

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I’m not really sure why things started to go so awry for Leics tbh? I’m old enough to remember them being a Championship winning side on more than one occasion back in the 90s, and also them being a really excellent team when T20 became a thing, again winning silverware on more than one occasion.

I think maybe they were one of those counties who went very firmly down the Kolpak route, to the exclusion of developing their own talent, and when that era came to quite an abrupt end it left them in a dicey situation, perhaps.

Hopefully today marks the start of a turnaround in their fortunes.

Mint, mustard, horseradish, bread.

I think ever since the switch to the two divisions they’ve been in the second and routinely at the bottom. Think they were left behind in a money and management side as the test ground counties broke away and others had bigger pull of members which led to budget option of young and old and not much in between.

Seems like that is changing now and there’s investment on the way. Apparently they’d been offering big contracts to try and get a step up in talent, this was actually for wicketkeepers that could bat which makes it interesting given how things went today. They ended up signing Ben Cox.

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Looks like we’re going to have one of the shortest ODIs ever in the Asia Cup final

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Oof just saw, not been able to see any with it being on TNT.

Seems like some unrest in Pakistan squad and a injury has Naseem Shah out for the tournament.

Also on England just saw the squad was announced earlier and Brook is in for Roy


U19 have a first innings lead over Aussies, thanks to the third highest score being extras with 52 of them

sussex have been docked 12 points, dropped 2 of their players & suspended a third, and pujara has been banned for a game. wtf happened?! :smiley:

always knew cheteshwar pujara was a right horrible angry bastard, just taken 15 years at the top level to finally show his true colours.

Oh wow, Worcestershire or Leicestershire being promoted would be quite unexpected. Points on the board helps Worcestershire given the forecast for this week

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Good grief, what a mess :open_mouth:

I was watching some of the recent Leics game on livestream, & at one point the commentators were chuntering about excessive appealing by Sussex, but clearly there were lots of other things going on as well.

Clearly been influenced by Steve Smith’s during his 3 game stint

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less fun than id hoped ngl

Not quite a disciplinary issue, but he clearly set the example he wanted to set.

At least cricket Australia have now made it mandatory to wear the neck protection. Given what happened to Hughes it’s surprising they didn’t from.the off and also that not all players used it

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