🦗 cricket thread - thank heavens that's over special. 🦗

Commitment, very lucky to be getting some cricket. It’s raining here (Worcester) so there’s a slim chance of maybe some play late in the day but tomorrow looks a wash out.

Quite surprised only 2 wickets have fallen.

Lucky to get play, lucky even to be here! And yes, might have hoped for a few more wickets but I’m sat right behind the arm and am very much enjoying life. Roach was a bit unlucky and I think a collapse could come at any time.

The perfect position, enjoy

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Zak could be somebody that captains in other formats in the future,” said Mo Bobat, England’s performance director. “He is quite a leaderful character, the way that he goes about his business – the way he role models, through his own behaviours"

difficult to think of a paragraph i could dislike more than this.

i do not like the content, and the choice of words is deeply distressing on a human level

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We have play, could be the last I see before next season.


Man, I started so strong! I tried to keep up with the county game this season but failed miserably. I did keep abreast of the Ashes though.

And my fantasy cricket took a dive. Pretty sure I nailed last place in the DiS league in the first week and stayed there all season :rofl: Terrible app too. A real struggle to use after the slick ESPN fantasy hockey app.

I have watched the Essex/Hampshire match this week. Bit of thriller in the end.

I’ve been using this match to try and explain cricket to a couple of my students… the concept of a Over is a struggle and it’s bowlers not pitchers.


That Essex game was extraordinary, Hampshire seemed absolutely dead & buried at one point with Harmer & Critchley running riot. Further evidence of what a fantastic cricketer Liam Dawson has turned himself into in recent years.

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Nice to see that, even though he did so well in the Ashes, we weren’t denied the sight of a Zak failure before the end of the season.

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Had no idea that George Scrimshaw is playing for England today. I remember being really impressed by him last summer, but had barely seen his name mentioned this year. Excellent pace prospect IMO, looking forward to seeing how he bowls later on.


Beautiful day for cricket. Looking forward to seeing @ghostly 's sam hain in a bit, in the meantime I feel privileged to have joined the select band of people to have witnessed a Zak Crawley duck in the flesh


Brave captaincy, getting out early to give others a go


I was wondering how I’d completely missed the first England Ireland ODI, but then checked and realised it was because it was rained off.

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Hain looking streaky af :open_mouth:

Ah that’s better, couple of lovely fours!

Nervy start from Hain but solid performance, helped that there were early wickets as he’s not a number 5 that comes in and finishes an innings. We should’ve gone 350-375 though.

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blimey, 84 off the first 6 overs would be going some in a T20

Some start. Now sat here waiting for a wicket to get Hain at the crease.

What a fuck up. Amateur hour

Phil Salt’s capacity for absolute carnage is just nuts.


gets back from lunch

Was going pretty well before I went to lunch, time to watch us bowl… oh.