🦗 cricket thread - thank heavens that's over special. 🦗

Starting to get some tap now though.

This happened in the women’s game earlier, in the first innings, once the ball got a bit older it started to get hit.

State of the ball irrelevant if you’re going to put a low full toss onto a set batter’s legs.

Billings looks a bit uncomfortable with his back.

The Curran twin’s ability to chuck down a grab bag of absolute filth and get away with it is really something isn’t it?

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I was looking forward to watching Muyeye so that’s a shame.

Edit: well that batting line up is looking very thin now.

Fuck me, 112 metres.

Oooh, would have been a blinding catch, but you get the feeling that he needs to hold that for them to have a chance.

A team hat-trick? I’ve honestly never heard that term before.


Not a thing

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It’s a thing, albeit a fairly silly one.

Northern Superchargers having a crack at shitting all over this evening’s game as a contest.

Harry Brook is quite good isn’t he?

Makes all the balls his team mates wasted trying to hit it out of the ground, rather than just blocking the single to give him strike, all the funnier.

Heath Streak - not quite dead?

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‘Southern Brave’ is a terrible name for a sports franchise


it’s a bad name for what it is

not sure what else to call it, mind

This has been far from a classic, considering this is likely to be 2nd and 3rd.

Turns our there’s a reason you don’t play cricket when it’s raining, and it’s because it all becomes a bit farcical

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Southern Pom Bears

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I think they should lean into the bear’s angle and hire some big lads. Or just steal the Warwickshire players.

can’t see that Brook/Hose relay catch without thinking of how in basketball, Brook + the ball would have been out of bounds on the second bit

I’m fuzzy on how it works in cricket, but it looks so wrong and silly

yeah i thought theyd made the wrong decision the other night too, just had a look & if im reading it right - the catch was legal because when he jumped from behind the boundary and relayed it back it was the second time he touched the ball.

the law does prevent you from standing behind the rope, taking a catch & and doing the jump relay thing but it specifies “before his/her first contact with the ball” when talking about that, so the fact that hes already touched it legally and then jumped from behind the boundary is a loophole, i think.

technically correct, the best kind of correct.

should definitely fix that though, feels morally wrong.

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