🦗 cricket thread - thank heavens that's over special. 🦗

Wake up, Virat.

I really want to see Bumrah bowling like this to Steve Smith soon

Lively start

“Ok mate we’ll get them in wides right?”

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Bowling beautifully then getting a wicket with that filth

We should enjoy this game while we can, cos after this, there’s no more international cricket until… checks notes… Thursday

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We just need a few singles an over, smith and labuschagne to play some test cricket for the win.

Looked outside off live.

Baffling he didn’t review that

By baffling I mean very funny


as in?

labuschagne 30 (142)

Not out you say

Thierry Henry Smile GIF by hamlet


Steve’s miffed


Maybe a few more runs.

I’ve decided the funniest outcome would be Mitchell extras providing the decisive contribution

could go a wicket

Important for India to keep Australia under 240ish if they’re to have any hope of winning this.

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Absolutely no chance Australia are losing it from here.

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Felt very out, that

Got away with one, makes up for Smith.

Pretty quiet, eh