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India getting what they deserve here with the pitch. Absolutely smashed everyone on flat tracks and bottle it and put a slow track in to try and gain an extra advantage and it’s blew up in their face.

Not being able to muster up some polite applause for a hundred in a world cup final is pathetic


Not watching. Is it deadly silent?

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Am I a bad person for rooting for the Aussies?

Huge wicket

How quick did that photographer get out there

I like the players on both teams, but for modi to see India lose in his own stadium is quite satisfying.


You do have to feel for India, they did deserve to win in a way,

Also love how AC/DC is the only band they could think of.

Incredible innings

So, we never mention this world cup again, yes?


Happy county championship fixtures day.

Opening weekend of Warwickshire Vs Worcestershire, relieved that Worcester also have Warwickshire as a home game later in the season.

Looks to be more Friday county championship starts from a quick glance, although September is the usual midweek mess. One day cup schedule looks to have been adjusted, although still hardly any weekend games which is a waste of August for non hundred grounds.


Gonna end up liking Nathan fucking Lyon, aren’t I?



I think you’re fine as long as this still remains funny:


No interest in this ODI then, either on the boards or in Antigua.

Crawley looking like he should have been picked for the world cup although WI are very bad at fielding.

Had completely forgotten about it, not going out of my way to watch it after the last month of cricket plus when it’s on TNT and talksport that doesn’t even help for background viewing.

In other news, saw this when checking the score

It does very much feel like it’s not the cricket season.

Yep very much had myself ready to switch off until end of January for the tour of India.

Although just checked as remembered it being mentioned during the world cup there’s a two match test series for South Africa at home to India starting boxing day. That could be decent viewing.

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Guess we’ll soon see how long the full backing lasts for Mott and Buttler

Obviously I wasn’t watching or listening as this series isn’t available via any channels human beings actually use (I even tried booting up the old talk sport app but it seems to want an account these days and I really CBA with it), but was this… A close game?? Only seven balls left at the end it kind of feels like it might have been. Haven’t seen one of those for a while.

Sone sort of grim staring contest between the ECB’s desire not to fire them and their insistence on refusing to score any runs whilst picking Curran to get flogged around the ground.