🦗 cricket thread - thank heavens that's over special. 🦗

It’s on BT Sports.

Wasn’t watching myself but saw it was 140 odd for 3 after 30 overs with 170ish to get and thought “ah, we’ve got this”. Checked again 2 hours later. Whoops.

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I signed up for this once (for an Aussie ashes series many years ago maybe?) and it was an absolute nightmare to disengage from. Nothing on my BT account would let me sign off, I had to phone a human being who gave me the hard sell (I also have broadband from BT) on all sorts of products before finally consenting to cancel the sub once the series was over. Never again (and certainly not for a fairly meaningless ODI series straight after a world cup).

It’s on tnt sport

Slightly batter start from Sam tonight…

Foakes in the squad, but will he play. Plenty of aping being taken, with some new names.


jeez them spin options

Jimmy on roads in india aged 58 or whatever he is now.
Wood injured after one game


Ollie Robinson down to 70mph in his third over

would be a decent number eight/nine so

a spinner’s main job

whats liam dawson done that he doesnt even make squads in the subcontinent

I look forward to Gus Atkinson being broken forever folowing being asked to bang it in halfway down the track for 8 overs at a time in a desperate bid to slow the scoring rate down.

Is shocking, feel like it has to be due to how it’s been handled in the past and him rejecting the idea now. Because if they didn’t try and persuade him then serious questions about selection process.


well it’s nice we’re all looking forward to it anyway


He’s already signed up for SA20, apparently.

Too real.

This is very annoying news


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ugh, they were so bad last time

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Can they give the rights to Channel 4 again, please?

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Yep I couldn’t stick with it, hopefully TV rights get sorted soon but I can’t face having to get TNT for this.