Crime 👋

That’s some serious rises in the old crime! Maybe we DO need those gallant,noble police officers, DiS?
Maybe they’re massaging the stats? Maybe you’re a criminal and have added to to 433k+ (Blimey!) in burglary?
Discuss, or don’t, it’s a bit boring tbh

  • Law abider
  • Career criminal
  • I do what I want
  • Sometimes do crimes
  • Rules and law help everyone have fun in a safe and organised way which is the best fun

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do you sh0pl1ft

  • yes
  • no
  • sometimes
  • rather not say

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steal hair gel (well, Matt Clay actually) cos it’s well expensive and fits in your pocket nicely.

Always steal pine nuts (I know, I know) cos what they cost isn’t worth what they contribute to the meal.

Used to just weigh loads of things in the self-service through as onions or potatoes, haven’t done that for a while.

My old ma got my family lots of gifts for xmas but 2 of them, from separate shops, still had the security tags on (a DVD and some baby muslins)

  • An easy mistake for both cashier and shopper to make in the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping
  • Out of control shoplift addiction
  • Probably totally innocent explanation like she’a tragically losing her mind

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Accidentally stole a 50p pack of own brand paracetamol from Bo’s last October.

It’s almost like there’s some sort of link between rises in crime, homelessness and Tories in government.




Can’t believe there are so many squares on this website who don’t sh0pl1ft

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there are actual police here tho.


I did a drug or two a few times.

when i was at uni i used to steal food from the same Boots every day, got weirdly addicted to not paying for sandwiches

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When my case was dropped over summer the police told me they were writing off ALL petty crimes, not sure what their definition of petty is. Anyway, if they’re not exactly keeping it secret maybe people are just taking advantage.

Eric’s not a detective yet


some of us work for sh0ps


even easier to sh0pl1ft then if you work there

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Oh you’re just doing a thing here

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when I worked at the co op I started just eating Boost bars that I picked up in the warehouse bit

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Banned from all UK branches of Superdrug for raising a can of Lynx in 1990.


you’re all nicked.