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is there an argument for changing a law within a current legal framework?

Red card offence and 6 months ban, more like

Privilege doesn’t just extend to how much money you have at the end of the month. You’re an (?upper?) middle class white male for whom, as songs_about_ducking says, the consequences of being caught are a lot lower than many other people, especially those who have to shoplift through necessity. Shoplifting when you don’t need to drives up security and theft-prevention measures which makes it more likely that those who do need to steal to survive will be caught, and makes the sanctions more severe.

If you’re going to try to make the ‘passing on’ argument, try not to use facetious examples like calling helplines, not being speedy through the tills and buying loss leaders (seriously, they’re utter trash arguments).

If your point is so much more complex and nuanced, why have you been so utterly incapable of making it in this thread so far? It seems to be easier to claim that you were trolling and that you shit yourself on purpose rather than have to actually progress beyond trite sloganeering?


I stole some sweets when I was 10. I felt terrible and guilty for ages.

Not in my personal manifesto it’s not

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I bought two 12 packs of condoms on the Friday before new year because I didn’t think one would be enough for the weekend. Couldn’t make eye contact with the girl on the till. She must have known my new year was going to come in with a bang!!!111

(Didn’t even use any in the end, just let him hose out my gutter)


Good Lord


Lovely image


We would only have needed one pack if we had sheathed the sword, but it was a close run thing.

A 12 pack is almost like the kiss of death I think! I almost never get to the end of a pack!

Also, amazing imagery there iPerv.

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Worst statistics since 1993, when the ice-knife / watch-sabotage / poisoning / demolition-related murder rate was through the roof.

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This thread has been a fucking rollercoaster.


Ahh my bad, it’s just so outdated I didn’t even think of that being a possibility


Think my dad shoplifted some German fruit bread at Christmas time.

Well he told us it was stollen anyway

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@TheBarbieMovie2023 to thread


Certainly not upper. I’m from a middle to lower-middle class background with many caveats on that which I won’t go into. I can write in a convincingly academic manner though, I’ll give you that.

You’ll need to explain that. The whole point is they’re facetious; if you’re saying the morality of the situation is that it’s morally bad purely because it increases the costs for other consumers then apply it to all other circumstances which this could apply to. Go berate that elderly woman for taking ages to get her cash out and pack her bags. Go on, do it. Personally I don’t believe that moral responsibility lies with consumers when faced with giant corporate behemoths who are both monopsonists and monopolists (or at the very least, oligopsonists and oligopolists).

Because making it very well would require a great deal of thought and research. I know enough business economics to know why your point is simplistic but not enough off the cuff to slam you down so hard that buzzfeed make an article about it. I could still do a decent job of it, but ultimately, cba.

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Stollen is a bread not a cake you penis!

what else is / isn’t in your personal manifesto?

Anyway, not saying there arent conditions or exemptions or clauses etc etc. But to act like being against theft (of any kind) is surprising or a great shock to you, come the fuck on.


Yeah i know