Crime 👋

If anything the risk of jail etc is a fair signal as to how desperate someone is to steal (pine nuts)

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Yeah I agree with you but I’m saying comparing shoplifting to the things s_h mentioned is silly, imho

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here’s my morals:


I don’t think I have ever shop lifted, I’m not strong enough and don’t own a crane. (I’m here all day)


Very, VERY good


I’d be well into that if it didn’t mention bikes

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I’d still believe property should be a thing and that people have the right to own objects. What now.

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I guess there’s a difference between believing a law is wrong and believing the concept of law is wrong?


corporations aren’t people

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can probably block it out with a marker pen (or change it to say fuck bikes)

Yes but you’ve also said that property shouldn’t exist, in this very thread. So the point stands.

Is that a floor or a wall?

the concept of private property rights. Obviously people should be able to have a home and live in it free from fear of burglary etc.

I don’t know (it’s not my photo, I stole it)

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how do we prevent an individual from accumulating all of the resources without the concept of law or property or those who are incentivised to enforce society’s norms?

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Yeah that’s so obvious based off of what you were saying before. What about shops run by one person? By two people? If it’s a successful shop or a struggling one?

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I’m just taking a pretty standard marxist position here, this isn’t my personal manifesto or anything.

It’s not even that the concept of law is called into question, just that it’s not fit for purpose always and should be recognised in those instances.

don’t think i’ve ever owned a single pine nut, stolen or otherwise


et tu niki?