Crime 👋

yes but I’m talking about in a world without property rights or law enforcement, what is going to stop people’s worst instincts?


I laughed at a dog today, in its face. It jumped up to the window inside a car and it was so tiny I couldn’t stop myself.

Were you laughing at the dog or laughing with the dog?

At it, it wanted to tear my face off I think.

how does the state gain the power and authority to enforce things like safe driving regulations, food hygiene standards etc?

Big beats are the best, get high all the time.

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I can only steal for myself but if other people want to that’s cool too.

I’ve worked for Tescos Asdas Somerfield Morrisons so I’ve been exploited by all these places.

Other people probably have better reasons to do with bigger issues that I don’t really consider though.
Good thread. Violent crime though.

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Please notify me of any further interactions you have with this dog or any other dog.

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It could happen again as it was clearly the dog of someone else dropping their kid off. I will.

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at the time it really felt like a more all encompassing philosophy

I worked part time at a supermarket for two years and full time for a year. If anything I’m just getting the pay I should’ve been given at the time, in pine nut form.


My dad once wanted to exchange a t-shirt in united colours of beneton. They weren’t having it and wouldn’t let him exchange it so he just said “ok well i’m going to take one anyway” and picked up the t-shirt he wanted and went to walk out.

The shop keeper then picked up my brother (who was young at the time) and said “ok well i’m going to keep your son then”

My dad then had to decide between the t-shirt and my brother. He eventually chose my brother.


I love that you mother bought (potentially thieved) muslins posh enough to be tagged :smiley:

Some shocking CCTV footage just in of @still_here and @Ruffers on their lunch break



Fucking hell, I only came in here to check that this wasn’t a secret Rick Stein thread.


This thread is nowhere near as salacious as I first thought

This made the thread worthwhile