Crime 👋

So are you a couple or not?

In Germany you get money for returning discarded bottles and cans which some people leave out in the street intentionally so that (in theory) those that are less well off leave them in the street so that they can eat and drink.

I took it to mean that he entered the warehouse via the tradesman’s entrance.

i haven’t read most of this thread but shoplifting pine nuts is the most hilariously middle class edgelord thing i’ve read in ages


i would reckon the best way to help small businesses is to buy things from them rather than steal things from big shops. too obvious?


never really understood why Sainos has this upmarket reputation. i shop there pretty regular these days as it’s the closest big supermarket to my house and they sell basically the exact same stuff as Tesco for usually the same price. there’s an M&S next door and the difference between the two is VAST.

Anyone up?

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alright mate

hey man! how’s america?

too much crime


well it’s easy if you just do this

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is this the most punk thing anyone on DiS has ever done?



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This paragraph is probably everything about why DB seems to be more respected than you.

I can’t work out if your entire rant is just a joke or indeed your position is mostly trolling or you’re being sincere.

DB is just a more honest person on here I guess. You aren’t trying to work out if she’s burying points in layers of irony or something.

But yeah, impossible to know if your position in this thread has been entirely about trolling marckee TBH. Attacking pniks is harsh though


muslin ban?

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think many of us have behaved badly in this thread, myself included.

Don’t think people should pick on still here though.

It’s my fault for bumbling in here and being rude and insensitive.

Sorry everyone I’m going to work harder

thanks pal :slight_smile:

I know some people don’t like to say so when they’re upset or annoyed on here, I just don’t like the idea that someone might feel that way I guess.

I’m happy taking my lumps anyway, wasn’t fishing!

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No diggity