Crimes against food

not having peanut butter on pizza is just down to societal norms

there’s no reason that crispy cooked dough circles, cheese, tomato and peany b shouldn’t be able to coexist in some way

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much like peanut butter and cheese on toast it’s probably fine but you won’t really notice or taste the peanut butter so just a bit of a waste of effort imo

Coriander doesn’t taste like soap.

Unless there’s now coriander soap.

In which case it might.

The Italian way is apparently to make the water as salty as the sea. It makes a big difference, once you try it you’ll understand why they have a pasta course with every meal.

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There’s no convincing myself, it tastes violently soapy to me and makes a lot of food/cuisines I love difficult to order without feeling like I’m somehow making the experience inauthentic. Some places are really good if you ask for them to leave it off but I’ve been to plenty that just ignored the request.

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tbf, I do like salt, and I do like pasta

so perhaps I need to do this

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it’s got that soap chemical in it, tho

people like @Yvash and I suppose possibly me have brains that connect the chemical with the taste/scent of soapy products



oh yeah, I feel like I should be having it and trying to enjoy it, too

but it’s like… here you go, some dal with mango chutney and a chewy bit of leaves and stalk that tastes like soap

cool okay I guess, this is a thing people enjoy


oh you’re saying that eems’s son is evil and not that he’s good promising, oh okay

28 he was.

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Both my sister and I have the soap-taste-gene thingy, which is maddening as my mum loved coriander and my dad’s fine with it too, so no idea why we can’t stand it.

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I’d still like to think it was possible to learn coriander, but yeah

what do we use to replace it? lime juice/zest?

It’s genetic (possibly):

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Is it the same with dried coriander or coriander powder?

what the heck is coriander?


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It’s the green herby stuff you get on curries and naan breads.

can’t believe so many of you are willing to let my son live after this.
i am genuinely nervous about my close friend who is Italian finding out about it.

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the same boy eats his pizza with a pot of humous next to him to dip the crusts in.

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