Criminal charges in the Hillsborough case

Been a fucking long time coming. At last.



I have always been strongly affected by the events at Hillsborough, and this has been a long time coming. There was clear incompetence (and inaction) by Duckinfield on the day that contributed to the deaths but what in some ways was even worse was the subsequent cover-up and smearing. Bettinson has some very big questions to answer

i could google but why 95 not 96 people ?

The 96th died four years after the event after having his life support switched off, no idea what that decision means for the legal charge but it’s presumably as a result of that

Not sure but it could be that the 96th person (sorry, can’t remember the name) passed away in hospital after having been in a coma for a long time

yeah I was semi-aware of that, presume there’s a complex legal reason why it isn’t included.

4 year coma :frowning_face:



Aye - exactly this.

There’s no doubt in my mind that it was worse.

It’s likely that many/most of the mistakes that contributed to the disaster were down to incompetence or honest errors of judgement but what went on afterwards appears deliberately malicious.


important info , share far and wide

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