Cringe thread


You know when you do something and then you just feel these periodic aftershocks of cringing just thinking about it, or when you do something so bad that months, years later even you can’t think of it without dying a bit? Let’s talk about that :dizzy_face:

Today I did something I’m still so embarrassed about, new job, people going “let’s guess each others age” which is the worst game because Im so shit at it. One guy guessed I was 21 (I’m 28) and he asked me to guess his age and I said 30 (he is 24) he looked crestfallen and I was like :scream: but he left the room before I could apologise :sob:


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weird that it’s always the people who insist on playing ‘guess my age’ who get the most offended by it. Daft babies


So he was out by 7 years…and you were out by 6… sounds like you did pretty well there champ


Buy him a happy 30th birthday card to complete the bants and move on.


That happened to me a couple of years ago. This girl guessed I was 27 (I was 32 at the time). I thought she was 36. She told me she was 28. I just started laughing.


Someone in our class once congratulated our resoundingly unpregnant art teacher and asked when the baby was due.


Stroked her hair




Was talking to a girl I fancied on a school trip. Had such a massive sneeze that a load of snot came out alongside a massive nosebleed. Could definitely have banged her as well as we were discussing meeting up that night. Never spoke to her again. See her in pubs still and can’t even make eye contact with her.


you should just always sneeze on her. make that your thing


I still cringe when I think of this:


In truth I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If his first reaction is to leave the room he sounds a little too sensitive to this sort of thing. If he holds it against you that would be quite sad of him!


And from the same thread:



I’ll probably have one last cringe about this as I breathe my dying breath.


This is bad, cringe factor 9.5
If you are going to do anything like that it has to be exceptionally good or it will me feel like a slug someone has just put salt on


thinly veiled ‘im dead youing looking for my age’ thread :wink:


Haha I just aged early, was like 5’3" age 7 with an old face and was always thought to be so much older than I was as a kid


get on with yer work!!!