Crisp-adjacent snacks

Hard to spend 88p any better imo.

pork scratchings and puffs
biltong (like a proteiny crisp)
pretzels especially mini ones

gimme them all

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Wotsits and mini chedders

do your naan/tortilla/quinoa/lentil etc crisps count here

  • ye
  • ne

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I know!

Same company also makes these which are pretty good but I refused to eat because of the grammatical horror show of a name (which they have at least now fixed)


think i’d prefer not to snack than have either

Remember when transform-a-snack had a competition and they just put actual twenties in cash in the bags as prizes?

Best competition ever.


waiting for funko to tell me my options are too far to be adjacent to crisps


What about pringles?

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those are like fuckin crack :slight_smile:

Fine, these are definitely in this category and very nice

Absolutely nothing like a crisp. Have you lost your mind?

Their own category. You’ve really fucked it here.

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how the heck are pork scratchings and puffs ok but not pretzels which are literally made of the same stuff

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Pringles are definitely in this category, but I may or may not give them their own thread.

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Pretzels aren’t made of pork.

Pretzels are made of dough, none of these other things are.

can’t believe no-ones mentioned these:

remember giving an american their first bag of Skips once, totally blew his mind: “you don’t even have to chew!”


Was just about to prepare a post about scampi/bacon fries and cheese moments.


not all pretzels! i’m talking about this type…


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scampi fries are abominable, as are cheese moments.

bacon fries are one of the true virtues of existence.

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Does bombay mix belong here? Probably not, but it’s still the best alternative if you sadly have no actual crisps.