Crisp-brand flavour rankorama



  • Cheddar and Onion (ridge cut classic)
  • Salt & Malt Vinegar (ridge cut classic)
  • Salted (ridge cut classic)
  • Bacon Sizzler (ridge cut meaty)
  • Chargrilled Chicken (ridge cut meaty)
  • Flame Grilled Steak (ridge cut meaty)
  • Mexican Chilli (ridge cut spicy)
  • Paprika (ridge cut spicy)
  • Sizzling King Prawn (ridge cut spicy)
  • Thai Sweet Chicken (ridge cut spicy)
  • Curry Sauce (chip shop)
  • Salted (chip shop)
  • Salt & Vinegar (chip shop)
  • Salted (thick cut)
  • Salt & Cider Vinegar (thick cut)
  • Cheddar & Red Onion (thick cut)
  • Beef & Onion (thick cut)
  • Crispy Bacon (thick cut)
  • BBQ Chicken (thick cut)

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Hula Hoops

  • BBQ Beef (Brown)
  • Cheese & Onion (Green)
  • Original (Red)
  • Roast Chicken (Orange)
  • Salt & Vinegar (Blue)
  • Smoky Bacon (Purple)
  • Sour Cream and Chive (Dark Green)
  • Sweet Chilli (Pink)
  • Tikka (Deep Purple)

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McCoys did Salt & Vinegar with Chilli a while ago. They were really nice.


Hula Hoops are SHIT


fuck you!

can put them on your fingers and pretend they’re rings and shit


monster munch also


This is a mess of an opinion


I did consider adding former flavours, but I lost the will to carry on.




you missed chilli (black)


but they are circular. They look like bike wheels so you should be all over them ?!


I took the list from Wikipedia




What bagged crisp has the best form?


Wotsits (can’t find the other flavours now?)

  • Cheese
  • Flaming hot
  • Prawn cocktail

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Can you expand on what you mean by “best form” here please?


is this shakespeare?


She likes twiglets as they represent the straight parts of a bicycle


I wonder lonely as a crisp


jelly babies to represent the riders