Crisp-brand flavour rankorama

No food thread can last even 5 posts before eps or niki wade in and spout terrible opinions

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Well it is Shakespearen but is the best to package. Least space wastage, breakage. You know, just general form.

And the black marmite bits on them look like oil. Oil that you put on a bicycle.

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pringles I guess? actually, they break and aren’t technically a crisp. Fuck pringles


you seen the state of that condiments thread?

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I understand.

I would suggest that Monster Munch retain their form the best out of all the available crisps or maize based snack products on the market

Nil naks

  • Nice N spicy
  • Rib N saucy
  • Lemon N scampi

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Don’t be a dickhead, idiot.

Ruined in one post by epimer, point stands

Not bagged you fucking penis!

Enshrined in law mate


  • honey mustard & onion (brown)
  • hot buffalo wing (orange)
  • cheddar cheese (yellow)
  • jalapeno (green)
  • buttermilk ranch (turquoise)
  • salted caramel (blue)
  • s’mores (brown)
  • peanut butter filled (orange / yellow)
  • sweet chilli garlic (maroon)

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yeah they’re crisps. fuck off.

If anyone finds any prawn cocktail wotsits can you send them to me please?


what’s the difference!

how you getting to Holborn? taking the bag.

all the same!



doubt anyone’s gonna be eating them, so you’re probably in luck there

I specifically said bagged as well. Could not have been clearer.

Oh yeah, “Fuck Pringles” is enshrined in law.


Yes I realise I have refined tastes