Crisp-brand flavour rankorama

case closed

maybe not the right place, but anyway. posh crisps:

  • Sensations
  • Kettle chips
  • Tyrells
  • Burts
  • Salt Dog
  • Pipers
  • Bonilla a la vista

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Have you seen all of these on this sceptered isle?

honey mustard & onion snyder’s too. jesus.

there is no hope for you.

one of our sceptres is winging its way to heaven at 5pm :’(

Yorkshire crisps imo

The best crisps, but which is the best flavour?

  • Pickled Onion
  • Roast Beef
  • Flamin’ Hot

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Not even gonna say which crisps I’m referring to, you all know.

To be fair I’ve only had honey and mustard and salted caramel and the latter were boggin so…

just looked them up. am a massive fan of traditional pictures of farmers/artisans on the front of packaging, so they’ll do for me.

What do you reckon his last crisp was?

Don’t say fucking pringles

Crisps and maize snacks are

  • The same thing
  • Different things

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i’ve seen buttermilk ranch so figured the other mad flavours must exist here somewhere

see also: kent crisps

but tory-looking tbh but tasty

  • British crisps
  • Rest of the world crisps

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Sweet Chilli Sensations are immense, but otherwise it’s Kettle Chips.

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salt & vinegar disco (at a party in '83)

Only thing better than a crisp is a crisp that’s not a crisp - yer maize snacks, pretzels, pork scratching and so on.

Torres Chips

  • Black Truffle
  • Mediterranean Herbs
  • Olive Oil
  • Iberico Ham
  • Caivar
  • Sparkling Wine

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EVERY crisp brand should do paprika as a standard flavour