Crisp nostalgia

It is 1997. You have 50p and you’ve just entered the corner shop. You’re determined to buy a bag of crisps and one other item.

What’re you getting?



Chocolate Jasper’s and an Ovaltine bar.

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A ring pop and ready salted chipsticks

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Probably just buy some cigs. You could buy single cigs in a cafe we had in town. Glory days.

Imagined that so vividly that it must have been a memory cause the counter was at eye level

Swap that for a push pop and that’s a purchase I could definitely make.

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How many would 50p get you?

To be honest, they’d probably stopped doing it by 97. More of a late eighties early 90’s thing. Seem to remember a regal was 10p?


@Scout, are these them??


I’m buying these, OP

will get back to you on chocolate bar



Cart Wheels S&V

and an old fashioned Milky Way, which is to say when they were bigger and tasted better

(I just read that they used to have malt in, and now they don’t??)

Quenchie cup and a 10p packet of burger crisps (actually shaped like a burger)

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Omg. Great call.

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Tubes made by Smith’s. They had a very good one that was “Mexican flavoured”.

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Are those the one that you had to pierce the top with a straw and tasted very chemically?

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Also, the KP Crisps adverts with the monks.

They are indeed

Obviously only tasted good to a child, but nostalgia

Hold on, this is just my thread spruced up!!

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prefer mine a bit faded and distant

They must be!

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