Crisp restaurant to open in London


And you thought that cereal cafe was bad.




Would go


Cannot wait to find out how much people will pay for crisps. Cannot wait.


Are the crisps free and you only pay for the dips?

Because then it is more a dips restaurant.


They’re calling them chips


It sounds more like a bar with an in-store, automated snack machine.


Good to see London just ploughing on regardless.


Blitz spirit


are they?

EDIT: hang on - it’s called Hipchips. This is confusing.


it was the hipchips name i was going on. It looks like they’re being inconsistent but they should be consistent (with the word crisps)


When I was in Tokyo I went here

You choose your cut then toppings, all severed fresh.

Was great.


name suggestions?



arsehole crisps


Crisp Arseholes


£4.50 for a dip! cannot wait to see the price of crisps. i reckon £8000 each.


@crisps - would be good to get your salt-n-shake on this


It’s in soho so literally doesn’t matter


Can’t go far wrong with some decent crisps and a nice dip. Do they serve beer? That would be a winner. Has the potential to be insufferably wankerish though. Tough call.


There’s been one of these places in Manchester for about 18 months.