Crisp thread

  • Salted
  • A different, inferior flavour

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Chat welcome.

(Just watch Fury Road and it was immense.)


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Mad Max? It was like a feature length nu metal video. I did enjoy it but I felt a bit ashamed of myself afterwards.

Salt and vinegar for me in the important question though.


It’s clearly salt and vinegar you fool.


Tyrrells lightly sea salted are my favourite.

Big fan of these


have heard that the cheese and onion ones are a good vegan version of quavers. fao: @jazzballet

although i can confirm that these also taste almost identical, and are avaliable at most tescos and holland and barrets for 70

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Those I posted are normally on a 2 for £1.50 job. I’ll have a look out for those you posted.

Seems to be some confusion about what crisps are in this thread.

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I wish I could double-like this post.

Had some nice crisps from Lidl or Aldi the other day from their Italian range. They were like hollow inflated pillows. With a chili thing going on. Very moreish.

So near, so salted. Give us a proper poll you

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UK crisps are so fucking shit compared to Irish crisps. That’s the real quiz right there.


theo’s binary programming doesn’t allow dual flavours. he can only have salt OR vinegar.

Local Tezzas has recently started stocking paprika Lays. That’s the real shit right there.


not potato crisps but always these: