• Doritos
  • Fritos
  • Give me all of those fucking Doritos and Fritos

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remember Frisps


Yeh, they were alright iirc.

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  • Northern Tayto
  • Republican Tayto

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Battle of reconstituted mush!
  • Frisps
  • Pringles

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Big bag of supermarket own brand onion rings

  • Yes please
  • I’m a fool who can’t appreciate sheer value

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I tell you what, I love crisps and I’m a fan of black pepper. But together, in black pepper flavoured crisp form, I’m not supportive of it even a little.


If you think about it for more than a second, Kettle Chips are the worst crisps in the world.


often get Frisps in the shop near work at lunchtime

were 39p until recently but think they’ve gone up to 50p in recent weeks, scandalous

I can’t really tell the difference between crisp bands to the degree that I have any real opinion on the Tayto battle.

But I don’t believe Free Stayto have pickled onion flavour in their arsenal so Presbytayto wins by default

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These were well good

  • Taste the Difference Sea Salt and Chardonnay Vinegar
  • Fuck that noise give me some god damn Wotsits

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Would be 100% of the vote for Lime if it was an option

got some wasabi crisps once when I went to Big Tesco

Got some takis ‘fuego’ and they are almost inedibly hot. Like I have to have 2 at at time or something

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Co-op ones are shite imo

Had some at the weekend…

LOOK AT THAT FUCKING THING. The normal plain tortilla colour in the middle makes it look even more unnerving.

Nice though!


Dipping Doritos…

  • Hint of Lime
  • Hint of Smoked Paprika
  • Plain

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Never tried them. Tesco loyal.

Sainos for me

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