do you put your vegetables in them? do they work?

any other fridge feature chat? egg tray…???

I can’t be arsed with this japes


quite boring on here today innit

yeah. I’ve been thinking about sticking a bit of duct tape over my… willy hole to see what happens.

Here’s a question. I only know one term for willy hole that I reach for reflexively and it’s pretty racist (I was born in the 70s - that’s my excuse). What is a good acceptable term for “willy hole”. And it’s not “Willy hole” .

Called a meatus. Learned that during a period of particularly awkward surgery about 10 years ago. #teenageballbag

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and you all thought this thread would be a waste of time


Listen to Iron Maiden baby with me.

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Did you know the back of the knee is the only body part without a medical term?

it doesn’t matter what you call it, pulling that duct tape of your meatus is going to be painful

what’s the bit in between your toes called then

yeah all fridged veg goes in em. no idea if they do anything.

Flip flops

I’ve got a butter dish tray in the door of my fridge. Never gonna use it.

why does this exist? surely the only reason you want a butter dish is to keep butter outside the fridge (which is also the best way to store butter f your yi)

For the fenino bunch I believe it’s “The web”

'zactly m9!

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what about your leg armpit? legpit

where is that exactly?

picture where your armpit is in relation to your arm

now picture the same bit on your leg

on my body the leg pit has moved down behind my knee?@??