Crispy onions. Love em

Fucking love em. Sometimes roast a tray of shallots and red onions for a snack :+1:



crispy onions: good
sweaty onions: also good

like the ones that have been sitting in a wee hot plate on the burger van all day :yum:


I don’t really like crispy onions but I do like this thread

Last night’s dinner was:

  • Roasted veg (peppers, mushrooms, courgettes, crispy onions)
  • Baked sweet potato fries
  • Baked jerk cod (honey/soy/veg stock cube/jerk seasoning/garlic)

Was excellent

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gotta be raw

Made onion rings in a gluten free batter the other night. Nearly ate the whole lot in front of my GF.

deep fat fryer or chip pan?

Reckon dopiaza is probs my favourite curry but imagine dopiaza with crispy onions on top as well that would be even better!


Chip pan. Deep fat fryers are banned in our house due to the smell.

What is the difference?:thinking:


Crispy onions as an appropriate topping for a roast dinner?

  • Yes
  • No

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I made some crispy onions to chuck on some burgers on Monday night. Had the leftovers on cheese, ham and salad sandwiches the next day. The improvement they made to the sandwiches was incredible.

In short, GBOL.

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This is a great idea


You can buy huge tubs of fried shallots, the thinking man’s onion, in Asian supermarkets for about £2.

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Well we just shallow fry them and dispose of the oil afterwards. I find that deep fat fryers can be left to stagnate and they whiff a bit after a while.

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Classic corbyn

how would you even cut that? a saw?