Critical Illness Insurance / Life Insurance

Why can I not seem to get a LI quote with CIC which will pay off the remaining amount of a mortgage?
All the LI + CCI quotes i’ve got seem to give a lump sum (a. £30k) for serous illnesses…

My mortgage lender gave me a quote for just the CCI and it was £60 a month - which was a little bit eye-watering tbh.

Was hoping to do LI for about £10-15 a month and CIC for maybe £20… am I dreaming?

I think you may be dreaming.
The quote for LI and CIC I got was about £120 a month.

Holy shit.

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Wtf?! Think we pay about 40 quid in total a month.

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We’ve got one with Zurich and then topped up when moved by taking a second policy with policy expert I think

Actually it’s not policy expert. Will need to check later. Our house is probably a bit cheaper than London prices but seems very high.

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Yeah we’ve got it as a couple. Think it works out about £38 a month total for life insurance and critical illness.

I think it’ll heavily depend on your mortgage amount and we’re in Scotland, sooo…

In fact having had a look it’s £28 in total for both combined. Legal and general.

Will your critical illness cover basically wipe the mortgage balance at that point then?

For me, terminal illness will but critical illness nope.

Legal and general. Thats who our second policy is with.

Think I have both for less than £50p/m with L&G, done when I got the mortgage.

I think it just effectively pays out an amount each month so you can continue to pay the mortgage etc., think mine roughly equals my current net salary.

Fucking hell. We’re paying 38 a month just for life insurance. Critical Illness was extortionate.

Unless you want to leave your home to someone, then it may be simpler to allow your executors to sell up and pay off the mortgage that way?

Yup, it’s critical illness that costs and that might be something you want :slight_smile:

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I think the gf will be paying around £50 a month, but she needs income/critical illness concert because she has a chronic illness.

I get mine for free through work, because if there’s one thing that rich people need it’s more free stuff.


Had a wee swatch at the critical illness cover and it’s not for a particularly large amount. Horses for courses innit.

Apparently the insurance companies think I’m going to die soon… It was nice knowing you all :wink:

We pay about fifty quid per month for both, I think.

I’m diabetic and we are both a bit overweight so that was more expensive than it would be otherwise.