Critical reading and discussion group (POLLS!)

I’ve picked one but I’m honestly happy with these.


i can’t load the doc atm, weak connection. but if its not on the list i would suggest black jacobins by clr james, about the haitian revolution. the post-1963 edition has an expanded section where james draws connections between toussaint l’ouverture and fidel castro. it is history/black radicalism/anti-colonial/economics.

the politics of heroin has good sections about the use of drug trafficking as an engine of both imperialist and anti-imperialist movements, i don’t know if it’s strictly suitable for this kind of project tho.

also women’s liberation and the african freedom struggle by thomas sankara.

edit: the ballot or the bullet speech by malcolm X is very very relevant to right now too, give that a read.

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Just looking at the doc there both options seem ace :slight_smile: Haven’t read any of those decolonialist articles yet though so picking that

I need to catch up with the thread, but I could just stick the proposed topics into a random list generator and propose a schedule up front if people aren’t too worried about the order we tackle them in. We can always be flexible and adjust if something topical comes up, but use it as a foundation to work from?

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I’m along for the ride at present - hoping that suggestions will occur to me as I read.


No rush. Let’s get the first topic sorted first and give people more time to add stuff for now :slight_smile:

If the two options in the poll currently form the first two topics then we have 6 weeks to figure out a third (and sure someone else can take over polls etc., am happy to volunteer)

Sort of in the position now where everything sounds good and am curious about it all and don’t know where to begin/go next, hopefully all gets brought into focus over the coming weeks. I would love to contribute to the list of topics, however I haven’t really engaged with anything like this before so hoping after a couple of rounds of reading and chat it’ll be easier to come up with ideas for future discussions (from my own POV)

Big thanks for setting all this in motion btw


I’ve voted but am happy with any of the topics

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Has anyone used this site to download things before?

I’d like to add this book to the doc, but obviously we need to be able to access it somehow. Not sure whether it would fit best in Imperialism or Black Radical Thought, either :thinking:

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Sure - it would fit in with @anon18868718’s CLR James suggestion too. I’ll put it in under another heading.

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are people envisaging that we’re going to have an ongoing discussion thread on the topic for the three weeks, or virtually “meet up” to discuss in a thread once the three weeks is up, or a bit of both?


Discussion in the first thread about whether we should actually have a facilitator cos it didn’t really get going

  • I’m still interested in participating in this

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  • I’d be willing to facilitate on an ongoing basis
  • I’d be willing to facilitate once as part of a rotation
  • I’d rather not facilitiate

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What’s involved in facilitating? I’m up for it in principle but don’t know how much time and more importantly in how large a single block is required

dunno, i guess starting the thread & keeping it going by leading the discussion and @ing people ?
i voted yes but would rather not do the first couple

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Category change and bump cos it looks like there was some good initial interest up top and maybe the thread might breathe more easily under the new system?

Have changed the category of the linked thread also.


Up for it, but best to be honest I can’t put any time to getting it started or commit to keeping up with it regularly.


[edit: wrong thread]

dunno mate this seems like a bit of a high brow suggestion for the reading group