Critical reading and discussion group (POLLS!)

Bumping this thread again because I still think it could potentially be very useful. I have been guilty of clicking the polls and then not putting any effort to join in conversations/help with facilitating, but it’s the school holidays for me now so I could help a bit more with that.

As an aside (and feel free to tell me I’m wrong here) but I think one of the reasons this hasn’t got off the ground yet is the language used has been quite academic and I really think it needs to be more accessible. A few posters have said they (like me) don’t have an academic background and the reason something like this appeals is that it could potentially help us work through some difficult concepts with each other’s help. Maybe we need two separate reading groups because I know there are some very switched on academic types on the boards who probably would want to get into the nitty gritty idk. Maybe I’ll make some polls!

  • I would still like to be part of some sort of DiS political theory reading group
  • I would not like to do that, I don’t even know why I’m in this thread tbh

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  • I would prefer it to be more accessible for people without an academic background
  • I would prefer it to be more about in-depth discussion for people who know their shit

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What have been people been reading recently? I’ve been reading The Wretched of the Earth and I’m enjoying it a lot, taking me fucking ages though as all of these texts do :blush:

That’s very gratifying to read. I really struggled and it made my brain hurt.

I didn’t read it as a complaint fwiw but can understand how you’d take it as one

Yes I see what you mean and can understand how you feel criticised, after having done lots of work to get it started. I agree with you that the process agreed was the main reason It didn’t take off.

I feel like I want to say that I spent quite a lot of time researching and suggesting reading material in the google doc and felt a bit ignored and unacknowledged.

:confused: I’ve annoyed you and I’m really sorry for that. As I said I didn’t put any effort when this was first being organised (by you) and I ignorantly didn’t even re-read this thread to remind myself of the work you had put in before I posted. I definitely overstepped my mark a bit when others have already put lots of effort into this, I can see why that was annoying!

The reason I made the point about academic language is because I re-read the decolonial thinking thread and a few of the posts in there I just didn’t understand, and I feel like I’m relatively well versed in this stuff for someone who isn’t a sociologist. I don’t think it was anything you posted, it ties into more of a general frustration I have with some socialists online who don’t really seem interested in educating the uneducated. It obviously does require effort on the part of the learner but I just think some of the language could be more appropriate to the potential novice audience. I really don’t think you have ever been guilty of this, you honestly are one of my favourite and most educational posters on here :slightly_smiling_face:.

Anyway sorry for not contributing before, I hereby promise to start more threads in the future and try and facilitate discussion, even though I don’t know shit!

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Btw I looked back at my answers to the initial polls and I did agree with you that a facilitator would be useful. We could try it that way if we do reboot?