Critically acclaimed bands who are in fact a bit naff


Don’t turn this into another popular bands you don’t like

Sleaford Mods are on at work, they seem to get a lot of praise round here. It’s utterly shameful, so embarrassing. Like some pissed bloke with a drum machine trying to update Chase n Dave. Awful

Jamie T is another one, find him really awful but he seems to be well liked


Sleaford Mods frontman is teetotal FYI.


find Sleaford Mods a bit grating in large doses but quite like what they’re doing


I think they’re fucking great! But yeah a whole album’s enough for a day I find.


big fan of jamie t, saw him last weedk at the 02 carloing, he was amazing.


he doesnt sound it when singing though




the voice/accent starts to do me in after a while, have never bothered seeing them live for this reason. but yeah they probably make more to anyone who likes repetitive rhythmic stuff like The Fall


*make more sense


Fleetwood Mac. Super naff.


They’re not naff. What I’m confused by is why they’re so big these days amongst your millennial hipster types. They all love 'em.


Can’t speak for the Hipsters but I guess normal punters would say

Good Songwriters
Great hooks
Compelling band members and history


One of the Sleaford Mod tracks was on the Rough Trade subs thing.

As far as I could tell it was a bloke shouting McFlurry over a keyboard running in demo mode.

Not really been bothered about finding out more.


New York dolls




The National (since Boxer)


taps fingers


Belle and Sebastian




Wait, this is just a list of bands we don’t like isn’t it