Ah yeah saw this, looks interesting. Musuem of Hangovers there too by the looks of it!

Thanks for the eating tip, looks amazing. My gf is vegan so might not work out but worth sticking our heads in and seeing what the craic is

On the vegan front there’s a Dalmatian specialty called soparnik which is a flat pie of onion, chard , and parsley. Different region and maybe a seasonal dish but keep an eye out!

Lots of interesting grape types in Croatia if you like wine as well. Can only remember ‘posip’ off the top of my head though.

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Yes. But mainly to catch ferry/ catamaran to some islands.

But like all of Croatia. Great food. Cheap alcohol. Croatian truffles are the best in Europe.

inMusic is great. Will also be there. Zagreb city centre in summer can be unpleasant. Heat and humidity double team.

For me mosquito spray/ ointment bought in the UK have little impact. Get some when you are there.

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Amazing, yeah looking forward to it - we made the decision after our abject failure to get Glastonbury tickets. Good tip on the mozzie repellent. Any other hints/tips? We’re staying in an apartment in the Lower Town and planning to travel down to the lake each day. Are there shuttle buses?

You can catch a tram out from Lower Town area number 17. But you will have a 20 minute walk from the nearest stop.

Return night trams can unpredictable. Think the route numbers are in the low 30’s. Still a 20/40 minute walk from the entrance back to the same stop.

Zagreb buses aren’t great.

Usually plenty of taxis, and Uber is decent but surge pricing will be brutal.

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Perfect, thank you :pray:

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Booked a week in Zadar in September. I’m thinking of outings to Nin and Sibenik. I’m also looking into little boat trips but there are some eye watering prices quoted online (£80+ per person) - I don’t want to buy the boat!


Im going to Omis just outside Split next May.

Already a bit worried about vgn options looking at restaurants

Split region has a specialty called soparnik which should be vegan.

Apart from that it is fairly slim pickings. Just bosh loads of ajvar - the greatest roasted pepper spread there is!


Zadar is great.

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You should definitely eat in Pet Bunara. It’s a bit spenny, but amazing, and more importantly, you’ll be able to pick me up a jar of their fig jam to bring home and stick in the post.