Crocodile and alligator thread

A thread for people to discuss crocs and gators if you want (I don’t)


Crocodillians if you will (or, in your case, won’t)

Or are we banning caimans?

Interior crocodile alligator
I drive a chevrolet movie theatre



Alligator > Boxer > Crocodile

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The thread’s whatever you want it to be. I’m gifting it to the people. Do with it whatever you want

Does anyone actually know what the difference between an alligator and a crocodile is?

One you see later, one you see in awhile. #DadJokes

Find alligators quite charming

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Incredible how long they’ve been around for, but I guess when you’ve hit an evolutionary niche like that you can afford to just hang there.

Part of nature’s menagerie, I believe.

My dad recently claimed to have hit a golf ball into an alligator’s mouth way back in 1995. Seems strange for him to only bring it up this year.

  • Basically the same thing
  • Wrong option for nerds

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The main difference is a salt water croc is going to fuck you up rub-a-dub.

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Oh look everyone, Bear Grylls is here!

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*Wolf Grylls


Only in or right by the water though

Oh look everyone, Steve Irwin is here!


More influence by the Barefoot Bushman acksually

You can easily tell them apart by the fact crocodiles wear those silly rubber shoes with the holes in

Might start referring to alligators as snub nosed crocodiles.