what are your feelings? I’d never had any until last week, was the best solution I could think of to the back of my left foot being an utter mess. turns out they’re exceptionally comfortable and I kind of love them?

they’re cool now right?

  • i’ve crocsed, i love to croc
  • i’ve crocsed, i hate to croc
  • I’ve never crocsed, I’d try them
  • I’ve never crocsed, I’d never be seen dead in them

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Wouldn’t want to wear them out and about but tempted to have a pair as a garden slipper

Got a pair for the garden, can’t bear to wear them even there. Horrible things.

Also had an idea they might be good for paddling in, turns out they’re absolutely fucking useless.

Got knock offs for the garden and they’re fine. Official ones are probably also fine. Nurses like them don’t they, and they’re a GBOL


I get that they’re comfy and practical, but i just can’t bring myself to croc, soz.

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Can’t be beaten as a slip on/off garden footwear option.

Obviously never in public

I appreciate them from a rechnical standpoint but, like Uggs (which I can also appreciate in similar ways) I find them horrendously ugly.

And I’m a shorts and sandals guy.

I wear hard soled slippers in the flat which are basicslly woolly crocs but for some reason accepted as quite cool (in the slipper influencer world if that exists) purely because they’re natural (they are absolutely banging at keeping my feet the perfect temp no matter what season it is).

Anyway i wear these slippers as i kept getting plantar faciitis and now i never do, what I’m saying is crocs are probably great for this too. And everyone needs a taking tbe bins out shoe. Shame they’re plastic and look awful but i respect them in a functional way.


Loads of chefs and other people that have to stand up all day I know swear by them and I’m sure they’re very comfy but not for me. Size 13 Crocs would look absurd too.

Crocs and socks combo looks good imho

One of my “fashionable” mates rocks stocks and socks in the summer and looks good


Only ever played this one so cant comment


Those Birkenstock Arizona EVA :white_check_mark:
Crocs :x::x::x::x:

Got my first pair a couple of weeks ago, absolutely 100% pro-croc now. Always thought they looked ridiculous and couldn’t understand why they were comfy, but I wear them around the flat all the time now and my feel are so much less sore than they used to be.

Don’t wear them out in public but for home use they’re fantastic!


All the young people that live near me wear them.

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Was always sceptical but my wife is a fan and she got me a pair. Used them for popping out into the garden, taking out the bins etc, and they’re fine. Have found that I’ve started using them more now - going to the corner shop, occasionally if rushing out on the bike for the school run. Joined a gym recently and wear them there too because it’s speeds up time in the changing room for swimming by like 39 seconds.

So in short, have fully become a crocs person


People say they’re comfortable but they don’t look it

I’d never judge anyone for choosing comfort or practicality over aesthetics, if they are in fact comfortable, but I do think they look hideous. Each to their own though

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Crocs are great, love them, they’re comfy, durable, perfect for gardening/beach/camping, and people who shun them or make a big deal out of hating them tend to be snivelling little [post edited to remove needlessly vicious critique of non-crocs gang]

Another vote for doesn’t look comfortable. Or attractive. Suppose I could wear them ironically but is that funny???

They’re so comfortable I can hardly believe it


Mrs F has a pink counterfeit one she still uses all the time.

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