Croissant chat



There are two types you buy, right:

  • the ones with the glazed sort of top
  • the ones with the flakier ‘matt’ finish

The latter are always better.


Le croissant, le chat, n’est pas?


A cat made of croissant is such a GBBO sort of thing to imagine, right?


Agreed. Big morning croissant and black coffee household over here. Butter. No jam. No anything else.


Never fill them, it’s pointless

Like the ones that kind of curve in on themselves more than the straight one

Have been known to munch an entire back of four in one sitting


I do like putting butter on a croissant if I’m at home. I mean it’s not required but there is something beautiful about how OTT it is. Like dipping a chip in mashed potato.


absolutely, by one of the white middle class ones with a second home in provence.


A pack of four?

Do you warm them first or just rip it open in the office and chow down until your desk looks like a bakery murder scene?


Oh boy I love a warm croissant, butter and strawbo jammie. Yum yum!

(29 Fact: Allergic to strawberries, but can eat strawbo jam)


Yes. The french are a little uneasy about adding extra butter to things (putting it on a biscuit before fois gras earned mass panic at Christmas) but they’re relatively okay with spreading it on croissants


Plain is best.

Nice to use a bread knife and open her right up, then fill with a ton soft butter and apricot conserve. Closer her back up and nosh to your hearts content. Fucking banger.


Bookmarking this thread to remind me to buy some on the way home for breakfast tomorrow. Nom.


Friday Filth Fread


Do almond croissants belong in this thread?


They do not belong anywhere


Never in the office Theodore, I’m not a monster.

Yeah, buy a four-pack from Bo’s smash em in the oven for 4 mins, show the fuck down on them. Lovely way to start a Sunday.


what do they think of anything other than plain?


Agreed. I’m just hoping that whole post is about croissants, tbh.


yes! I this’d* the OP!

*as near as possible


Wait, what? No no, a good almond croissant is a thing of beauty, but they are so variable that I hesitate to order them.