About a year ago I had a brilliant culinary invention idea that pistachio croissants should be a thing.Turns out they already very much exist, but the important thing is I came to the idea on my own.

Tell me where I can have one in London I really want one please.

Do you have any genius croissant topping/filling ideas that don’t exist and should?


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I prefer to have plain croissants


I always find flavoured crossaints to be too rich, just give me a nice airy crispy buttery dream boat any day of the week

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My local Co-op did raspberry croissants (like their almond ones, but with raspberry jam instead of almond butter) for about two weeks and they were incredible. Haven’t seen them since but they’re still on the self-service checkout.

Miss them every day can’t believe they’re gone want 2 run 2 them


No self modifications once you’ve bought them or anything?

Oh no

make my own. I’ll chuck in some pistachios next time and let you know how it goes.

I’m glad my post about having the UK’s greatest pain au chocolat inspired this thread mate. HTH

That is 100% what happened

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Also I am very hungry

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Can you do me a batch of raspberry please? Chuck them out of the window at Cambridge North. I’ll find them.

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Still do them here, so tasty - my heartfelt condolences

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I’d have a go on one of these

if you’re getting a croissant with added stuff you might as well go the whole hog and get a creme crown

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I saw a picture of an activated charcoal beer the other day, was the most unappetising thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve drunk many terrible beers.



Nope. Pop them in the oven, eat them.

Reckon they’d fit in an envelope if you flattened them out a bit?

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One that she’d bought? For eating?! Did she say how it was? (I’m agog that these are a thing!)

Chill out, saps.


You know what I’d like? A bear claw. They always take about them in American shows. Some sort of pastry item. No idea what it is though.

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Now there’s an invention - postal croissants (postry?). Can I have a patent please, Dr Eps?

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