Oh yes I have also seen this in real life but I can’t imagine wanting to eat one


350 raspberry croissants

Some of them might be on the turn by the time they reach you but that seems reasonable

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just a doughnut in a different shape aren’t they?

I associate them with that scene in Boogie Nights where Don Cheadle is buying loads of doughnuts in a white suit

Tell that to the patent police and see how far it gets u, am I right @Epimer?

You can get them in Waitrose I think?

That beer is the worst looking thing I’ve ever seen btw



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Don’t speak to patent cops. APCAB

I think I prefer a normal shaped croissant with chocolate inside to a Pain au Chocolat

But for the most part a really nice croissant doesn’t need anything in or on it but shit ones need slathering in butter or nutella or something

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Oh no am I going to jail?

I’m so hungry

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I think croissants are very nice, personally.

Dunno, looks more like a Danish?

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That is really good news

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Seems like something Dominique Ansel would do?

Spicy chorizo crissant…blimey.


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That does not look like the Wikipedia example

£4 a croissant!

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yeah I’ve never actually eaten one

I do not turn my nose up at that.