Going for my gf’s birthday next month. Aware Cromford probably isn’t a buzzing hive but any suggestions of what to do there or in surrounding areas?

A perfectly cromulent place.

Cheers mate, what sort of food is that?

It’s just whatever they’ve got in.

Start with the Cromford Canal, then the Black Rocks. Lunch at Perkys, then head to the mills and round things off at the Old Lockup Gallery. End your day at The Seafood Cave and Gallery, and then get a nightcap at the Greyhound Hotel.

A perfect day.


Thank you! Heard good stuff about Perkys

Wow, this might be the first ever DiS thread on a place I’ve genuinely never heard of


Never heard of it but I guess the river Crom is easily crossed there.

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Assume this is a mash up of two of London’s hottest neighbourhoods, Croydon and Romford?

As well as Cromford Mill I’d be going to Crich Tramway Village while I was there, and Chatsworth if I was feeling flush.


You could go and have some fish and chips at Matlock bath followed by a trip on the heights of Abraham cable cars. If you like book shops Scarthin books in the middle of Cromford is quite a famous independent one, Carsington water is local if you want a nice walk and to do some birdwatching. Um, if you need any engineering work doing while you’re there I can recommend my dad’s old pal who has a workshop in Cromford. Hope you both have a lovely time

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I’ll make sure I visit him for some work as a thanks to you for the tips!

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