Crossing Supervisor Audit

How many crossing supervisors did you pass on your commute this morning?

I drove past 7.


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Is lollipop person not allowed anymore? Bloody Eurocrats!

None as I was in work by 7.15.

None, think there was one at the crossing by Tesco last year but he appears to have moved on.

I don’t know - it seemed less appropriate than CS.

None. It’s been a while since I’ve seen one.

There is one at my kid’s school and I have never heard them referred to anything other than lollipop.

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Got the morning off, so none today. If I get the later train to work I will pass one (used to be two, but one has been replaced by a pedestrian crossing).

I saw two, one seems a nice guy. The other seems like a REAL CUNT.


Maybe that’s their name?

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