I know there was a Guardian daily crossword thread, but wanted to open it up to e.g. the NEW NEW YORKER CROSSWORD which I like a lot

You massive nerds also like crosswords, right?

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Just wait till your father gets home

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What’s your favourite ever crossword clue then?

What about the New York Times mini-crossword? I do it with my colleague and try and get a record time every day. Managed to do one in 34 seconds, not sure we’ll ever crack that:

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Love a crozzy me. Nearly finished the Private Eye one on Friday. I’ve started making a few up as well, including

Me? A bit of Radio Two, stupid! (5)
Few start again without energy in county (8)
Former lover I tax to let off (9)




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I’ve never been able to do cryptics though I’d like to some day. These are good though, proper slap yourself when you get them:

Araucaria’s best clues

1 Cox at me (6,3,6)

2 Of of of of of of of of of of (10)

3 Oppo, perhaps, of Caesar, J? (7)

4 Poetical scene with surprisingly chaste Lord Archer vegetating (3,3,8,12)

5 A forbidding place (7,4)

6 Semi-automated nun? (8,2,5)

7 Astany Portorm? (3,4,2,1,5)

8 Warning not to outstay welcome I encountered in African country (4,2,2)

9 Proverbial aphrodisiac bees can produce (7)

10 Refuse to go here with Spooner’s broken racket (7)

11 Take another setter also to your heart? (4,2,4,2,3)

1 Income tax return, 2 oftentimes, 3 antonym, 4 The Old Vicarage Grantchester, 5 Auction Room, 6 Creature of habit, 7 Any port in a storm, 8 Time to go, 9 Absence, 10 Dustbin, 11 Love me, love my dog


The ‘Lord Archer’ one is legendary

Pain (6,5)

FFS I will never be able to do cryptics.

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Muddled Latin masters might (12)


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I enjoy doing the Evening Standard crossword on my commute home most evenings.

Only one I’ve ever come up with (somewhere on here I’m sure):

  • Danny Dyer takes long look at government PR (10)

I bought a crossword pad and we do one every night before bed. Fuck me it knocks us out! We can normally complete one but sometimes if you’re a tiny bit tired, you’re fucked

Was doing the Guardian quick and cryptic daily for ages but haven’t been into it much recently – far less downtime at work :frowning: should also start doing it before bed or something. Much more of a fan of the sparse grids we see on the UK versus the style you see in the NYT etc.

Tuuuna :smiley:

Was doing a lot of software dev and compilation took 10+ mins each time, so had very regular 10 minute slots to piss around a bit. Guess DiS fills that void a bit more now, sorry brain

you have the perfect lifestyle