Crosta & Mollica pizza

Are you kidding me? An unparalleled leap in home pizza quality. As close as you get to a proper wood-fired restaurant pizza in the comfort of your own home. Are they more expensive than a standard supermarket offering? Yes. Are they worth it? HELL yes.


Haven’t had one. They look too small for me tbh.

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YES. We got them in an Amazon Fresh delivery when my wife had Covid and now we’re finding any excuse to get a Fresh order in again (haven’t found these in any shops near me sadly).

only have the stromboli one because it’s the only one they haven’t defiled with mushrooms. is v good though tbf tbf

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Think of it in terms of flavour per square (circle?) inch

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We get them on Ocado or in Big Sainos, depending on where the offers are at any given time.

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Was going to start a thread recently on ‘food brands you trust implicitly’ with crosta & mollica in the OP (along with belazu).

Will hunt these down

I see the current Tesco Clubcard price is £3.50. Maybe worth a punt at that price. I could have two.

That’s an excellent price, I would literally fill my freezer at that price.

Two C&Ms, that’s living the dream.

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Like the plain DIY one.

Having two would also mean that I’d give the white sauce one a go at the same time. Couldn’t risk that if I was getting a single.

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They sell them in Booths (Northwest supermarket, makes Waitrose look cheap), £5 each but occasionally on a 3 for 2 offer or short dated and reduced because they’re £5… The ham, artichoke and olive one is excellent, and the fresh ones are miles better than the frozen versions.

They do a little fennel breadstick thing and it’s a pretty fucking spectacular beer snack. I endorse this brand.

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Got them in Marks & Sparks as @rich-t and I can attest.

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Never heard of these, dunno if I can convince my mum to shell out but they look v tasty!

Had one last Friday.

Going out later to get one to have tomorrow.

Really really excellent.

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Gonna have to pick one up based on the strength of the feedback in this thread.

Do you work for M&S?

Their piadana flatbreads are class as well. Love a halloumi wrap with one of those lads.

I do, bud. Up with the MME though so don’t think we’ve been in any regional training together.

Thinking the same. Just thought they were weird branded pizzas that didn’t sell :thinking:

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not a single vegan options - thanks friends