Crowdfunding – Experiences?


Who’s got some experience with crowdfunding that they’d like to share with me? I’m going to launch a crowdfunding campaign for a new film festival pretty soon, and I’ve never done it before in my life. What are some good ways to do it, and what are some things to avoid?



PS: Will probably be using Kickstarter.

Would you be interested to know if we have absolutely no experience with crowdfunding?

I am interested in knowing absolutely everything about you, Balonz

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I’ve got experience of it but I’ve only ever done tiny ones, not very good at ones that require PR outside of tweeting about it. I’m hoping to set up a Patreon soon which might be worth exploring depending on the festival and what you can offer in the run up to it?


Then I will let you know that I have absolutely no experience of crowdfunding but wish you only well in your endeavour.

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Yeah, definitely have to come up with some cool “prizes” for the different amounts of money people can donate. Free festival passes, merchandise, names on website/screen, exclusive special events, etc.

I think Patreon is more ongoing stuff, so things that you can immediately redeem, not just when the festival comes around. People use it as a sort of regular income eg. Spencer Krug makes one song a month that’s just for Patreon supporters and you ask for a small amount (his is $1) but hope to get lots of people. Again, probably not right for the festival, but an option.

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Yeah, as you say I don’t think Patreon is the right fit for this – forgot that it was an ongoing thing. But for Kickstarter as well we’ll need “prizes”, so have to think of some good ones!

Not Kickstarter. but also I bet you’d be most successful with Kickstarter

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I always find it really difficult but then I look at others sometimes and they’re either crap OR there’s not enough to differentiate between say a £25 prize and a £50 one. Maybe sure you cost those prizes properly ahead of time, I know that’s obvious, but you don’t want to be creating a financial loss.

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yes I’ve read/heard people saying too much merch was a bad idea - the faff around manufacturing and shipping etc and associated costs mean it’s a pain and not necessarily worth. unless you’ll be producing some anyway, and since it’s a film festival it’ll be in one location as well…


I’ve always thought of Kickstarter more of a presale thing, so it is just a way of raising funds to put something into production, the prizes are a product rather than a reward for support, so think for a film festival using it as a presale platform perhaps at early bird prices might be the way to go


Yeah, do not post anything out if you can avoid it.

Lots of prizes nwo seems to be ‘name in the credits’ stuff

I’ve bought a few records from crowdfunding sites, but I’d be wary of pledging a big amount of money, after what happened with Pledgemusic the other* year:

*other? turns out it was the start of this year. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun

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They the ones my vitriol used?

I don’t know myself, but a quick google search suggests that they were.

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I have no experience so can’t be very helpful i’m afraid but would suggest using another one which isn’t kickstarter as they appear to be anti union…

Obviously i haven’t researched them all so can’t suggest one to use sorry


Came here to say this. My last job a few years back was at PledgeMusic (@ttf and @rob.orch yep that’s what MV used) and I think an important thing is having a good idea of your overall costs/budget going into it so you know more or less the amount you need to make the project you’re crowdfunding happen, and part of that is making sure the incentives you offer aren’t going to cost you much (or even better, anything) to produce and deliver. So experiential things or non-physical items are much better to offer as you don’t need to increase your target to cater for those things as well.

We always took the approach that the minimum ‘pledge’ should still get you something (for us it was a digital download) so your backers are actually buying a product and getting something in return rather than just donating, so maybe a ticket to the festival could be that? Don’t know what you were thinking of charging for that.

Do you know where or how you’ll be promoting the crowdfunding campaign and do you have an idea of what sort of support you can get? For all the advice on how to run a good campaign and what to do, really it just boiled down to what kind of audience the group/person in question could get the campaign out to, what sort of content they could use to promote it, and how receptive their audience would be to it.

Final bit of advice is don’t say anything will be released on September 31st

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I used Patreon. I have five patrons, each doing $1 a month. That’s all I have.