Crows are always girls

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(Or any other untruths, preferably about crows)


Crows are smaller than great tits


is this true?

Of course (no, but i always think of them that way, lovely babes)

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It’s actually crows amd jackdaws that quote nevermore. Ravens, like magpies, can not pronounce the letter n.

Saw an attempted murder the other day.

One crow


Bit size-ist this :wink: :smiley:

C[r]ows are always girls

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Crows like to accelerate their descent from flight by turning upside down and continuing to flap their wings, like some kind of avian backstroke

This is bull

Despite what TV adverts of the 80s/90s would have you believe…
Crows actually DON’T like the drink Kia-Ora,
they do however enjoy the various works of Rita Ora.

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Sheryl Suzanne Crow (born February 11, 1962)[1] is an American musician, singer and songwriter. Her music incorporates elements of rock, pop, country, folk, and blues. She has released eleven studio albums, five compilations and three live albums, as well as contributed to several film soundtracks. Her most popular songs include β€œAll I Wanna Do” (1994), β€œStrong Enough” (1994), β€œIf It Makes You Happy” (1996), β€œEveryday Is a Winding Road” (1996), β€œTomorrow Never Dies” (1997, theme song for the James Bond eponymous film), β€œMy Favorite Mistake” (1998), β€œPicture” (2002, duet with Kid Rock) and β€œSoak Up the Sun” (2002).


Not crows

But did anyone see the recent David Attenborough of golden eagles fucking up goats . Amazing :dizzy_face:

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Crows are actually really dark red

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Crows and magpies are enemies


Crows are dickheads

Cats are as well

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Goofy is a crow


Crows’ love language is words of affirmation

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If you get close enough to them, crows smell like blueberries.