Croydon - Recommendations etc

I might be there or nearby next week.

I’ve never actually been however understand it’s quite a large though somewhat (perhaps unfairly?) maligned area as it often pops up in those fatuous ‘worst town’ lists so please helpful comments only, no sniping.

What’s it like for shopping, takeaway coffee/lunches and parks…

any quirky shops I should see?


Boxpark by East Croydon station has lots of decent eating options (assuming its open at the moment).

Croydon is fine imo, just like any other British town in terms of what’s on the high street etc.

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I used to work in Croydon, but all my recommendations are out of date. I’d have said pay a visit to Beanos, Shake Some Action and H&R Cloakes, but they’re all closed now. Looks like 101 records is still open from a quick google though.

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I’m Croydon born and bred and generally defend the bad press it gets. Although nowadays I live further south in Caterham

Matthews Yard is worth a visit.
It’s moved since I last went before lockdown as is now based near West Croydon station, but it’s a great little arts space, small gig venue and coffee shop and cafe.

As @rob.orch says Beanos closed many years ago, wish is a real shame, but 101 records is still down the side of Centrale, or at least was before lockdown.

Fairfield Halls had a huge renovation before lock down, and often have open exhibitions

For pubs, I’d recommend The Oval, but there is also The Green Dragon or Dog and Ball, which has a great beer garden.

For Parks, Lloyd Park is great, as well as Wandle Park.

Shopping wise, it is pretty dead nowdays.

Then of course there is a Box Park, whcih I’m not a huge fan of, but they do have a Cronx Brewery bar.

Beanos and Shake Somw Action! The guy upstairs at Beanos used to always have noise DIY releases somehow.

You can get a tub of sweetcorn and maybe a tub of stress relieving goop outside the WH Smiths in the whitgift centre. Then there’s the…errr…i dunno. Large M&S i guess?

Otherwise, The Oval near, but out of the way, East Croydon is a very decent pub to spend some time. Run by te former Green candidate of Croydon who has very much been a mainstay for a couple of decades at various pubs.

There’s a decent coffeeshop opposite Boxpark.

A couple of decades ago I used to hang out with the skaters at Fairfield Halls

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I guess you might have known Mike, unless of course you are Mike.

Oh great, thanks for this.

I’ve family who’ve just moved to Streatham so all ears on recommendations for the S.London area.

There was a Micky? I dunno, awful, somewhat violent fucking time to be honest.

Definitely worth jumping on a bus (249 from memory) and going up to Crystal Palace/Upper Norwood. There are some great pubs and restaurants up there.

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Streatham has a lot going for it to be honest. Tooting Bec Lido, Ice Rink, parks, even closer to Crystal Palace dinosaurs

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Ah man, Beano’s was more of a theme park built around a record shop by the end, I miss that place.

Only knew him as Mike, he was in a friends band and still skates nowadays I believe. I think he knew literally everyone.

It’s a childrens creche, nursery last time I checked :frowning:

I’d also recommend popping into Freshfields Market. Some great food, wine and beer selections.

Basically all my Saturdays as a teenager. Beano’s was a godsend.


Also inspired this absolute tune.

Went to Boxpark last weekend - there’s a skatepark by Wandle Park tram station that my son likes, so we popped in for lunch afterwards. Thought it was great.

I keep meaning to visit the Anspach & Hobday and Signal breweries which are right by Therapia Lane.

Shopping - pretty sure that’s rubbish everywhere these days?

I work in Croydon but I started in lockdown so I haven’t had a chance to properly look around. This place is near my office and looks great:

I’ve also been meaning to go to this place for ages:

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Went to Ludoquist a couple of years ago with some friends. Was a really nice to place to hang out, crazy selection of games to choose from.

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Forgot about Ludoquist. Lovely place.

If you are looking for a decent, quirky restaurant.

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