Croydon - Recommendations etc

Might actually be in Croydon tomo en route to Streatham so any recommendations as to where is a good place to stop off quickly for a coffee and a mooch v welcome.

Also, what’s parking like? that’s always the biggest hurdle!


Expensive. Avoid the Whitgift parking at all (of their ridiculous) costs. Centralle shopping centre is probably the cheapest around the centre of town. You can park in the Lidl carpark on London Road for free if you buy something in store…

I’ve mentioned it before, but Matthews Yard, now located near West Croydon would be worth a visit for a coffee.

As @Petagno mentioned Centrale is your best bet.

Not a recommendation, but enjoyed some Water Palace based nostalgia. Don’t think I was ever aware of the classy decision to name slides after Charles and Diana. Pretty sure the razorblade thing was an urban legend in a few places.

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Loved that place as a kid, the wave machines were so good!

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Yeah, had a lot of fun there. Was slightly disappointed it wasn’t quite as my brother had said… He’d been spinning stories about things like the whirlpool sucking you into a secret room if you didn’t manage to stay above water. Remember there being a lot of hype before it opened.

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So many that there was a Canadian slasher flick made a few years back based on the stories :+1:

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