Croydon Tram Crash

Not getting a lot of work done today, as this is so close to me.
5 confirmed dead so far :frowning:

Also there is this despicable UKIP candidate.

Was about to start this thread - horrific news. Tram driver has been arrested apparently. I didn’t know a tram could turn over, is it possible to go over a certain speed on a corner or something?

That guy’s twitter feed is a stream of bile and insults, isn’t it?

The bit where it crashed has a big long stretch through a tunnel before a sharp turn, so I’m guessing he was speeding and didn’t brake. It happened at 6:10 this morning, an hour or so later it would have been even more horrific.

So awful. I feel for everyone involved :cry:

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It’s really foul stuff.

A UKIP party member displaying poor judgement and a lack of taste. Who’d have thought it?

I, for one, am appalled.

Up to 7 now, What an utterly depressing day.

Just found out via my cousin that one of his best friends son was a victim. Only 19. RIP Dane.