How concerned are you about crumbs?

  • Very fastidious, plates for everything, handheld hoover
  • I will decrumb myself and others a few times a week
  • What really is a surface

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I ain’t into em, but I sure as heck ain’t gonna spend my life worryin’ about em


Tell you who crumbs a lot… kids. The eldest was given a nature valley bar (crumbiest substance in the world) yesterday afternoon and then gave some to the toddler while they were on the sofa. Fucking crumbonanza!


Always put things on a plate, to reduce crumb droppage but not overly fussed. Got a dog that will happily hoover up most food that gets dropped.

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Dogs create their own crumbs.

Dogs are like anti-kids. We’ve got cats and they are fucking useless in a crumb scenario.

You’d think that if Haribo can go to the trouble of making their products crumb free Hovis could do the same eh


my kids will spill crumbs from anything, whether it’s crumbly or not. I think they see it as a challenge.

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I personally would be perturbed by uncrumbable breads.

Do you think Haribo release aerosols? I hope not as they aren’t vegetarian (when are you sorting that out you jelly sweet pricks?)

Yeah, you’d be like “what gives? this bread ain’t dropping nothing, man… this is freaky deeky…”

I’ve never seen it and, I’ll level with you, I’m at a loss to know why they would

Have you ever dropped a handful of gummi bears before a run?

Not at this juncture

Probably for the best - if you did you’d be bouncing here and there and everywhere!

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Just give them tortilla wraps instead, I think that’s what they eat on the space station to prevent crumbs


Haha! You’re not wrong there, my friend!


Just clean up after yourselves for fuck’s sake, it’s not difficult. Absolute babies.

Why don’t you clean up after your potty mouth, mister!


Are you annoyed that the babies can’t clean up after themselves? Go easy on the babies, they are only babies