Crumpets! Muffins! Bagels!

Just this morning I was saying “theres a time and a place for a bagel”

  • agree with this statement
  • do not agree (explain)

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  • English breakfast muffins toasted with butter
  • Savoury American Style muffins
  • Sweet American Style muffins :cupcake:
  • Muffin is a good word, isn’t it? Muffin.
  • Different muffins for different cravings

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you mean muffins as in blueberry muffin

you can’t compare bread and cake!

What’s your opinion on potato cakes?

I know… Its a terrible poll. I regretted it even before I finished posting.

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Have you seen the muffin man?

  • Not recently, I hope he is ok
  • I have! Just this morning, he’s doing well
  • Very briefly some years ago, seemed like a nice guy but he might have a dark side
  • I am (mercifully) not in the presence of the muffin man

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My opinion is - yes please! :blush:

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On Sunday we made “potato rosti” and then we said about “we could do potato cakes I guess”

Yeah. He lives on Drury Lane. Top bloke.

Been eating bagels with cream cheese for lunch all the last week. Happy with my purchasing choices.

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I bet that’s Philadelphia eh :wink:

What’s the different between a crumpet and an English breakfast muffin?

Are you joking?



Breakfast muffin


Shrewbie, I respectfully disagree. Had some big square ones from IceIceland last week with chocolate spread. 10/10

Oh Guntrip got us covered.


Just made mrS some lunch toasted muffin sandwiches. What an excellent wife I am.

(Slightly burnt them as I was reading the McDonald’s thread)

love a crumpet. sometimes I’ll maybe go a pikelet to mix things up a bit, but I generally prefer a crumpet

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Im loyal to the Scottish crumpet, which allows a far great surface area to slather butter on


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