Crunch and Crumble

can only assume they didn’t let him in in his Pavement shirt

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Must have heard this mamma mia advert like eight times

How do two gases make a drink

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You dont just yank someones shorts down and ask to see theit penis, unfortunately

Zero guests

Immediately better

These are the songs that made us


‘I did a moonie in the sea’

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Exceptional wrestling quiz

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still annoyed they never did my wrestling one

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the crowning head of Christ!

Good old Crosby booing Roisin Murphy

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offset by them fawning over coxon though

Yeah that was odd. Whole thing about him being completely swept under the carpet is really

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Yeah wouldn’t be surprised if they hadn’t heard about it at all

I’m not sure I have outside of these boards actually



That intro song

I’m behind on this now - my podcast subs have gonw into overdrive and there was a triple guestah I couldn’t be arsed with

They seem to be making Tom Craine a regular which I can get on board with when a story starts ‘I didn’t have a TV as a kid so i was really into whittling’