Crunch and Crumble

and why do you take your shoes off? because of terrorism

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thank you forestry england

Absooutely done at the Fog on the Tyne jingle

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so two texters then, who is your favourite geordie, and what is a geordie


If you wanted to get into this, would you just dive in from where it’s up to currently and go from there, or start from a point in the past and work backwards?

Start from the beginning. I think its lost a little bit of the magic now so I’d go from the first show - you’ll get the film reviews features. Just be prepared for the neverending world cup of fruit


Yesterday’s episode was pretty crap* so don’t start there.

*It’s much more fun when at least one of them is delirious from lack of sleep or hungover.

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Least in a couple of weeks we’ll get the fireworks ep

I still occassionally remember when he did a Mark Owen fake interview with himself and it makes me laugh each time

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Might go full gown pervert and start listening back from the start

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I’ve never listened to the start actually. Think I began listening around the fruit world cup era

I’m gonna do this soon
Wish there was a version without the metal alarm clock

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some good songs on there


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silly me!

Honestly, just skip the world cup of fruit. It was fucking shite.

I’ve started to skip now if there’s too many guests in the episode title. The interviews tend to be the weakest parts by a wide margin

yeah I might do a rerun though too, but agree with skipping the wcof. those were bleak times.

listening to the first episode now, they were so awkward back then bless them

i’ve seen that CLT DRP he bec recced and can confirm they are not good

Dunno why but this has done me