Crying at my desk


Just sat here crying at my desk because I laughed so much.

Listening to Adam Buxton interviewing Tim Key on his latest podcast, and the ‘poopoo in my pants’ jingle at 39:00 has absolutely done me.

Every cried at your desk?

Sad or amused (or other?) is absolutely fine.


I liked the Hit Your Car jingle best


For context I was already in ‘amused’ mode, from the preceding podcast content. It’s a belter.


Also the Warwick Uni full of thickos bit


I’ve cried many times at my desk because I am a woman who works in an office and that’s just what we do.


Gonna listen to this podcast now.

Last time i cried laughing at my desk was when I first heard the Super Sharp Shooter DJ Detweiler remix.


The ‘porsche’ joke in that podcast really got me


Probably only had to hide a laughing reaction at the desk while on here though (greatest horse of all time or wiggy’s lightsaber)


He’s just so quick. Was brilliant


Took a very long time to compose myself after @japes put so much effort into getting a massive shite out that he took his shirt off.


I used to get this a lot at the Adam and Joe 6Music show on a Monday morning when I would listen to it at work. I remember they had a bit about a terrible dialect coach on Youtube which made me have to get up and cry outside because I was laughing so hard.



yeah done this laughing. doesn’t take much to set me off. especially dumb shit like Dat Boi


And now I’m losing it on a train surrounded by the Dutch.


I did also laugh a lot at Bob Mortimer doing his Peter Beardsley jokes a few podcasts back.


His Vegetarian Shoes jingle utterly did me on a bus when that podcast came out. It’s perfect. I kept rewinding to listen again and was always a wreck by “Japanese microfibres”. Proper tears and shaking shoulders.


Oh, i know the one you are talking about! The ‘dog got lost in the fog’ woman. I also laughed so much i had to compose myself the first time i heard that. Me & my wife still listen to it regularly.


Most recently last week at the phrase “slimy surprise”


I absolutely lost it when I first heard Bob do his Peter Beardsley impression. Think it was the mention of the Albanian neighbour’s duck waistcoat. Luckily there was nobody else in the office at the time.


Oh did @japes pass the poop?