Cryptically titled Thursday thread

How are your things?


My things are fine Keith how are your things

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I’ve got too many things to keep track of how they all are.

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My things are not so good but I remain optimistic hope all your things are well

My things woke up about 4.30am, couldn’t get back to sleep, went downstairs to get some work done and are now super-tired.

On the plus side, it’s the penultimate day of the eldest’s self-isolation, and the final morning that I’m in charge of home learning as well as doing a full-time job.

Day off. Waiting for my ps5 to be delivered

Rebeccas replace Diane in cheers

Everything’s coming up Milhouse

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Slept well.

Thanks to those who have respected the format thus far.

My things are good. Legs are a bit sore after my first gym visit in a week but I am quite glad I made myself go.

I slept quite well despite getting up at 2.20 to turn the heating off and bring milk to The Child.

We will either eat roasted chickpeas and avocado or samosa out of the freezer later. Hopefully we’ll watch a film.

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I am not an early adopter of anything but I am quite jealous of people who are receiving consoles at the moment.

Things are McNulty.gif. Managed a lay in of sorts today. Nursery drop and then work. Fistpump

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Woke up at about half four with excruciating lower-right quaryer abdominal pain, was instantly concerned about appendicitis, started drafting emails to clients in my head and all, but now it seems to be fine! Annoying but glad I don’t seem to have the appo.

Kid has redeemed herself by declaring aLast Christmas to be ‘one of her favourite Christmas songs’ and singing the first verse (I should point out this is by choice, I’m not doing some weird test!)


Things are better than yesterday as I got quite a lot of stuff done, and the delay to the GMSF has given us another week or so at least. Do have to now concentrate on a thing which is likely to become 90% of my working life for the next month or so.

Will be chasing my solicitor today over news on the flat sale thing.

Got woken up before 6 by a conversation outside on the street. They were both trying to be quiet and failing dismally.

Had a chat with mum as she was up early too…



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I quite like the idea of you hothousing your daughter to learn classic Xmas songs.


If anything she’s doing the hot housing - she’s started three different playlists this morning before finding the one with a running order she likes!


Ridiculous. Most annoying character ever

Shes meant to be annoying! Much better chemistry with sam.

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I’ve got some new RAM coming today. Suck it, PS5holes


Hello keith and etc!

I start training at the new bookshop today! Really excited. Have training today and tomorrow, and then at least two days a week for at least the rest of the year.

Also the weather isn’t too bad so I’m going to walk the half hour it takes rather than walking ten minutes to the tram :sunglasses: