Crystal Deodorant (F the particular AO Mewington)


It’s so great - find it works better than normal deodorant. My Mediterranean heritage meant I’d always be a bit tangy very soon after showering and putting on deodorant… not with this, not anymore! It’s a revelation!


have you licked it? It tastes very odd - like salty lemons


Don’t lick deodorant m9


u wot m8




Those tangy, tangy Mediterraneans.


As a general rule, a lot of everyday chemicals you come into contact with are high hazard but low risk because they’re not scary if you only smell them a bit. This goes out the window if you instead put them in your fucking mouth.


maybe she was out of Tangfastics?


Well… we had been meaning to tell you…


Alas I am of Atlantic heritage, so doesn’t even apply to me!




An ex of mine (Spanish) used to always use crystal deoderant. He always said it was basically a natural mineral, nothing added.


Plenty of “natural minerals” will kill you if you eat them.


I have no idea…


Chemical-free, eh? Epimer is a man who appreciates that kind of thing.


Potassium aluminium sulfate being particularly famous for not being a chemical.


but can it hurt you if you lick it?



Think it’s spelt “aluminum”


Nah, looks like it’s not particularly toxic.

You got lucky. This time.


Although it is classed as a skin irritant, which is pretty funny.